034 – The Matter of The Estate of John Samuel Talbot

This claim was made on behalf of the Estate of John Samuel Talbot (“the Deceased”) by way of a joint submission to the COI by Joann Bernice Adams and Dwayne Disney Talbot (“the Claimants”) who informed the COI that they were cousins and direct descendants of the Deceased.

The Claimants alleged that the manner in which awards were arbitrarily meted out (by the three-man Commission) appointed pursuant to the Bermuda Development Company Limited (No. 2) Act 1920 to assess property compulsorily purchased from residents and/or landowners of Tucker’s Town, St George’s Parish was “inequitable, unequal, prejudicial and ad hoc”.  The Claimants submitted various documents in evidence seeking to prove, that:

  1. the Deceased was not adequately compensated for 2 acres of expropriated property and that the process was unjust; and
  2. the entire process applied by BDCL for the forced expropriation of Tucker’s Town properties was unjust.