017 – The Matter of the Estate of Herman Montgomery Bascome Smith

This matter is an on-going dispute over landownership of Lot 33.3, Spanish Point, Pembroke. The property was owned by Mr. Herman Montgomery Bascome Smith, the grandfather of Claimant Gena Robinson and great grandfather of Claimant Britney Robinson. The property is now owned by Richard David Robinson and his wife, Gena Robinson, who recently purchased the property from Gena’s parents. Mr. Newbold Smith, Gena’s father, is the son of Herman Montgomery Bascome Smith.  There have been three Supreme Court cases involving the Chiappa Family, Spanish Point Boat Club and the Windsor Development Company Ltd. relating to the disputed land. The defendant in all three cases was the Herman Smith Family. The Claimants have documented legal actions brought against Herman Smith who, the Claimants allege, was left powerless to hold on to a portion of his land.  Referring to Supreme Court Case No. 18, 1947, the Claimants state that Herman Smith lost the case and his land because: (1) the presiding judge had ruled unfairly and was also actually conflicted; (2) there was misrepresentation by Herman Smith’s attorney and (3) an incorrect legal description of the Plaintiff’s claim against the Abstract of Title was used. Losing this case was the beginning of several more legal actions against the Herman Smith Family.