014 – The Matter of The Estate of Agatha Richardson Burgess

This matter was presented to the COI by Carol Ann Elizabeth Clarke and Charles A. R. Clarke (“the Claimants”) on behalf of the late Agatha Charlotte Eve Richardson Burgess (“Mrs. Burgess”), their maternal grandmother. The Claimants wished to bring to the attention of the COI specifically the issue of Mrs. Burgess not receiving a fair price for her land. They asserted that the amount of 1,000 pounds paid to Mrs. Burgess was insufficient, noting that the Trimingham family had been paid 4,000 pound per acre by Government for comparative property in Paget that was acquired by compulsory purchase. The name of Francis Patton School was a further issue raised by the Claimants who asserted that the school should have been named after the Bascome family whose ancestors gave up their land for construction of the school.