Wentworth Christopher

As a Police Officer in 1962, Mr. Christopher gained an elementary knowledge of law. From there
he was appointed to the Pembroke Parish Vestry as Vestry Clerk. In that role, he was required to
administer the functions for which the parish was responsible, inter alia, providing funds to pay
BELCO for street lighting; paying the Health Department for garbage collection; providing
financial help to indigent persons within the parish according to the Parishes Assistance Act; and
maintaining the parish rest home. To accomplish this, he had established a budget for expenditures
and recommended the tax rates to raise the required funds. Some of the other functions performed
were selecting and submitting a list of perspective jurors to the Supreme Court; checking the
weighing scales in business establishments in order to certify the accuracy of the scales; and
maintaining accurate records of meetings and proceedings of the Vestry.

He also held positions in the Anglican Church. In 1978, he was appointed as a Parish Worker by
Bishop Genders, which enabled him to conduct services; administer communion, which had been
previously blessed by an ordained priest; and preach occasionally. For many years he was a
member of the Church Vestry and a member of Synod, which is the highest authority of the
Church affairs. He served on the Business Committee of the Bermuda Church Society and is
currently on the Diocesan Advisory Committee. These involvements in the Church Vestry and the
Parish Vestry, equips him to speak knowledgably of the functions of both entities.