Frederica Forth

Commissioner Frederica Forth has been in the real estate industry since 2008. She is presently an independent contractor with Keller Williams Real Estate Company, while at the same time operating her own business,  ForthRight Solutions,  which offers private real estate course sessions and preparation for those wanting to sit the Bermuda Real Estate Exam; in addition to this,  Ms. Forth offers mortgage consultation.

Ms. Forth began her banking career some 35 years ago at the Bank of Bermuda,  where she was Vice President of the Mortgage and Personal Lending Department.  After the Bank was acquired by HSBC, Ms. Forth served as the Senior Service and Sales Manager, and remained in that position until she opted for early retirement in 2008.

Ms. Forth is very passionate about educating the community on how to own “a piece of the rock”. She has developed an extensive body of knowledge regarding real estate needs and is well able to advise on mortgage financing requirements.  To that end, she has held several seminars on the topic, created a handout entitled “Eight Steps to Home-Ownership” and has a written a booklet called “Real Estate Made Simple” to assist her students in passing the Real Estate examination.

Ms. Forth has served as Chairman of the Real Estate Board of the Chamber of Commerce, and has facilitated the Real Estate Course at the Bermuda College, PACE Division. She has also served on the Sandys Parish Council and as a board member of the CedarBridge Academy.