035 – The Matter of Robert Moulder

Mr. Robert Moulder (“the Claimant”) asserts how this case “is an example of how this type of land theft can be accomplished, where people who did not have a valid claim to ownership were provided with deeds and I have in my possession an abundance of evidence to show how this was accomplished by the creation of deeds and sworn (but untrue) affidavits”.  Importantly, the Claimant admitted to the COI the fact that he has had the land of which he was dispossessed returned to him after a three-year (17th February, 2014 – March 2007) legal challenge which ended by way of an Order of the Court of Appeal of Bermuda.

This matter was held in-camera in accord with item 7 of the COI Rules of Procedure and Practice thusly, all evidence, audio & video recordings, transcripts and documentation have been deemed confidential. Information on how to access these files can be found with the Archivists at the Bermuda Archives.